JLPT Guide/JLPT N5 Vocabulary/Row Ta

Vocabulary words for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test starting with たーと.

JLPT N5 Vocabulary


Parts of speech (品詞)  (edit):
  • (動III) Type III verb
  • (形) adjective
  • (形動) adjectival noun
  • (副) adverb
  • (連体) attribute
  • (接) conjunction
  • (感) interjection
  • (助動) auxiliary
  • (助) particle
  • (頭) prefix
  • (尾) suffix
  • (連) compound

た段 edit

# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
347 ~だい ~台 (尾) counter for vehicles
348 だいがく 大学 (名) university
349 たいしかん 大使館 (名) embassy
350 だいじょうぶ 大丈夫 (形) safe, all right, OK
351 だいすき 大好き (形) very likeable, liking very much
352 たいせつ 大切 (形) important
353 たいてい usually, generally
354 だいどころ 台所 (名) kitchen
355 たいへん (形) awful, dreadful, terrible, very
356 たかい 高い (形) tall, high, expensive
357 たくさん many, a lot, much
358 タクシー (名) taxi
359 だす 出す (動I) to put out, to send
360 ~たち (plural suffix) e.g. watashi = I; watashi-tachi = we
361 たつ 立つ (動I) to stand
362 たてもの 建物 (名) building
363 たのしい 楽しい (形) enjoyable, fun
364 たのむ 頼む (動I) to request, to beg, to ask
365 たばこ (名) tobacco, cigarettes
366 たぶん perhaps, probably
367 たべもの 食べ物 (名) food
368 たべる 食べる to eat
369 たまご (名) spawn, eggs, roe
370 だれ who
371 たんじょうび 誕生日 (名) birthday
372 だんだん gradually, by degrees

ち段 edit

# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
373 ちいさい 小さい (形) small, little, tiny
374 ちかい 近い (形) near, close by, short
375 ちがう 違う (動I) to differ (from)
376 ちかく 近く (名) near, neighborhood, vicinity
377 ちかてつ 地下鉄 (名) underground train, subway
378 ちず 地図 (名) map
379 ちち (名) father (humble)
380 ちゃいろ 茶色 light brown, tawny
381 ちゃわん (名) rice bowl, teacup
382 ~ちゅう ~中 middle, during, in the midst of
383 ちょうど just, right, exactly
384 ちょっと just a minute, a short time, a while, just a little, somewhat, easily, readily, rather

つ段 edit

# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
385 ついたち 一日 (名) first of the month
386 つかう 使う (動I) to use, to handle, to manipulate, to employ, to need, to want, to spend, to consume
387 つかれる 疲れる to get tired, to tire
388 つぎ (名) next, stage, station, subsequent
389 つく 着く (動I) to arrive at, to reach
390 つくえ (名) desk
391 つくる 作る (動I) to make, to create, to manufacture, to draw up, to write, to compose, to build, to coin, to cultivate, to organize, to establish
392 つける to attach, to join, to add, to append, to stick, to glue, to fasten, to furnish, to wear, to appraise, to bring alongside, to follow
393 つとめる 勤める to serve, to fill a post, to work (for), to exert oneself, to endeavor, to be diligent
394 つまらない (形) insignificant, boring, trifling
395 つめたい 冷たい (形) cold, icy, freezing, coldhearted
396 つよい 強い (形) strong, powerful, mighty, potent

て段 edit

# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
397 (名) hand
398 テープ (名) tape
399 テープレコーダー (名) tape recorder
400 テーブル (名) table
401 でかける 出かける to depart, to go out, to set out, to start
402 てがみ 手紙 (名) letter
403 できる (英語ができる) to be able to, to be ready, to occur
404 でぐち 出口 (名) exit, gateway, outlet, leak, vent
405 テスト (名) test
406 では (感動詞) then, well, so, well then
407 デパート (名) department store
408 でも (接) but, however
409 でる 出る to appear, to come forth, to leave
410 テレビ (名) television, TV
411 てんき 天気 (名) weather, the elements
412 でんき 電気 (名) electricity, (electric) light
413 でんしゃ 電車 (名) electric train
414 でんわ 電話 (名) telephone

と段 edit

# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
415 (名) door (Japanese style)
416 ~ど ~度 (尾) counter for occurences
417 ドア (名) door (Western style)
418 トイレ (名) toilet, restroom, bathroom, lavatory
419 どう (副詞) how, in what way
420 どうして why?, for what reason, how, in what way, for what purpose, what for
421 どうぞ please, kindly, by all means
422 どうぶつ 動物 (名) animal
423 どうも thanks, how, (very) much, very, quite, really, somehow
424 とお (名) ten
425 とおい 遠い (形) far, distant
426 とおか 十日 (名) ten days, the 10th of the month
427 ときどき 時々 sometimes
428 とけい 時計 (名) watch, clock
429 どこ where, what place
430 ところ (名) place
431 としょかん 図書館 (名) library
432 どちら which (of two), who
433 とても (副) very, awfully, exceedingly
434 どなた who?
435 となり next to, next door to
436 どの (どの人) which, what (way)
437 とぶ 飛ぶ to jump, to fly, to leap, to spring, to bound, to hop
438 とまる 止まる to stop, to come to a halt
439 ともだち 友達 (名) friend
440 どようび 土曜日 (名) Saturday
441 とり (名) bird, fowl, poultry
442 とりにく 鳥肉 (名) chicken meat
443 とる 取る to take, to pick up, to harvest, to earn, to choose
444 とる 撮る to take (photo), to make (film)
445 どれ well, now, let me see, which (3 or more)
446 どんな what, what kind of