Music has taken many forms since the invention of the gramophone in 1887. First there were vinyl records, then cassette tapes, then CDs. Fast forward to now. The era of music stored on CDs is coming to a close, and "digital music" (music stored in files on your computer's hard drive) is rapidly replacing it. To manage your collection of digital music, you use a specialized music-managing application. And Apple's iTunes is widely considered to be the best availible.

iTunes lets you:

  • Organize the music files on your Mac.
  • Turn your current CD collection into digital files.
  • Burn custom mix CDs.
  • Manage your iPod.
  • Legally download a variety of media (music, video, and more) from the internet.

Contents edit

  1. The iTunes Interface 
    Learn how to use iTunes' basic features.
  2. Getting Music In 
    Convert CDs to digital files.
  3. Organizing Media 
    Learn how to organize music and videos.
  4. Podcasts 
    Learn about Podcasting, the future of radio.
  5. The iTunes Store 
    Download media from the iTunes Store.
  6. The iPod 
    Transfer your media to an iPod.
  7. iTunes Tricks
    Handy tips, tricks, and tools to help you enjoy iTunes.
  8. Burning CDs from iTunes