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You've always dreamed of listening to your music in your car, at home on a boom box, or uploading it on your friend's computer. Well, you can. All you have to do is burn a CD-R or a CD-RW (which are blank CDs that are recordable). So what you're doing is putting your songs onto a disc from your iTunes library. But you could only have around twenty songs on a blank disc (it depends on how much memory is on the disc). Now, to start: you need to have iTunes, of course. Then have your songs ready on your playlist or library. You will see little checks in check-boxes on the left of the songs' names. Check or uncheck the songs that you want or don't want (checked box means that it will be burned onto your blank CD; unchecked means that the song will not be on the blank CD).Then take one of your blank CDs and stick it into the CD drive. An icon will come up on your desktop. A box might pop up that says put a name for the disk; you can do that if you want. Then look up on top of your iTunes, and you will see a closed hole that says "Burn Disk"; press that. The hole will open and a glowing icon will appear. Then continue on: you will know how to do the rest. Once you are done, take your CD out and enjoy!

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Where to find CD-Rs


You can find CD-Rs anywhere, basically. The best place to buy CD-Rs is your local office supply store, like Office Depot or Staples. You can either buy CD-Rs or CD-RWs. The difference is that CD-Rs are just one-time recording. CD-RWs can rewrite many times. I would advise for you to just buy CD-Rs. You can use them for presentations for your company, music, clips and more. If you have a video camera, you can record your video and put it on your computer. You cannot put a video on a CD-R (technically you can, but you have to burn it as a VCD, which is compatible with most of the newer model DVD players. VCDs do not hold nearly as much as DVDs, so this is ideal for short video clips.), so you need a DVD-R. Then download your movie on the DVD-R and watch your movie on your DVD player.

Don't overload a blank CD


You only have a certain amount of capacity on your blank CD. You can always check your CD's amount on the blank CD or the blank CD case.