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You probably know that the iPod is Apple's popular portable digital music player. These days, you can spot the signature white earbuds everywhere you go, and you've probably know that the latest models can play movies and photos in addition to music. But can you handle using an iPod, or should you let the technically inclined have all the fun? One of the reasons the iPod is so successful is that it's very easy to use. If you ever feel uncertain, just use this chapter.

File:5G iPod line.jpg
Fig. 1 - The latest iPod models handle not only music but also photos, music videos, audiobooks, podcasts, TV shows, full-length movies, video games, and more.

Determining your iPod's model edit

There are six different models of Apple's flagship iPod. While their branding refers to them all simply as "iPod", Apple's support team refers to them by most important new trait in each new model:

  • iPod with Scroll Wheel - This iPod's wheel actually moves under your finger. It is white.
  • iPod with Touch Wheel - This iPod's wheel is white and touch sensitive, but its buttons are not. It is white.
  • iPod with Dock Connector - This iPod has four touch-sensitive buttons lined up above the wheel. It is white.
  • iPod with Click Wheel - This iPod has its buttons inside the wheel, which is grey. It has a black and white screen. It is white (except U2 edition, see below).
  • iPod with Color Display - This iPod is identical to the iPod with Click Wheel, but has a color screen. It is white (except U2 edition, see below)
  • iPod with Video Playback (current) - This iPod supports video playback, and has a large color screen. It comes in black or white (plus U2 edition, see below),
  NOTE: The iPod with Video Playback, iPod with Click Wheel, and iPod with Color Display have all had special "iPod U2 Special Edition" models produced. These special iPods are black with a red wheel, and have the signatures of U2's members on the back, but are otherwise identical to their standard counterparts. The iPod with Video Playback also comes in black with a black wheel, but this is a standard color, and not a U2 iPod. Also note that the iPod with Color Display was at one point sold as the "iPod photo".

In addition, Apple has produced three spin-off iPods:

  • iPod mini - This iPod is made of silver, blue, pink, green, or gold-colored aluminum. It has a black-and white screen.
  • iPod shuffle (current) - This iPod does not have a screen.
    • First Generation - White, and about the size of a stick of gum.
    • Second Generation (current) - Made of silver, blue, pink, green, or orange-colored aluminum. It has a built-in clip.
  • iPod nano (current) - This iPod is as thin as a pencil and has a color screen.
    • First Generation - White or black front with a mirror-like back.
    • Second Generation (current) - Made of silver, blue, pink, green, or black-colored aluminum.

It is important to know your iPod's model when setting it up or using it with iTunes.

iPods with a Screen edit

The iPods with a screen are the iPod, iPod Video And the iPod Nano. The first iPod was released in 2003. A computer is needed to use an iPod (if you have an iPod, but no software you can download iTunes Now at

The 30g iPod Video holds 7,500 songs & 40 videos, The 80g iPod Video holds 15,500 songs & 60 videos, The 1g iPod Nano holds 100 songs & 1 12min video and The 2g iPod Nano holds 180 songs & 2 12min videos.

iPod shuffle edit

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