Horticulture/Pests and Diseases of Lactuca


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  • Pea Aphid: Acyrthosiphon pisum
  • Bean Aphid: Aphis fabae
  • Brown Ambrosia Aphid: Dactynotus ambrosiae
  • Potato Aphid: Macrosiphum euphorbiae
  • Green Peach Aphid: Myzus persicae
  • Red Lettuce Aphid: Uroleucon pseudambrosiae
  • Cabbage Aphid: Brevicoryne brassicae
  • Lettuce Aphid: Nasonovia ribisnigri
  • Lettuce Root Aphid: Pemphigus bursarius




  • Pale Legume Bug: Lygus elisus
  • Western Tarnished Plant Bug: Lygus hesperus
  • Tarnished Plant Bug: Lygus lineolaris
  • False Cinch Bug: Nysius raphanus
  • Garden Fleahopper: Halticus bractatus



  • American Serpentine Leafminer: Liriomyza trifolii
  • Chrysanthemum Leafminer: Phytomyza syngenesiae


  • Banded Cucumber Beetle: Diabrotica balteata

Flea Beetles

  • Palestriped Flea Beetle: Systena blanda
  • Redheaded Flea Beetle: Systena frontalis


  • Zebra Caterpillar: Ceramica picta
  • Corn Earworm: Helicoverpa/Heliothis zea
  • Variegated Cutworm: Peridroma saucia
  • Beet Armyworm: Spodoptera exigua
  • Yellowstriped Armyworm: Spodoptera ornithogalli
  • Cabbage Looper: Trichoplusia ni
  • Celery Leaftier: Udea rubigalis
  • Alfalfa Looper: Autographa californica Western US
  • Celery Looper: Anagrapha falcifera
  • Saltmarsh Caterpillar: Estigmene acrea
  • Western Corn Rootworm: Diabrotica virgifera virgifera
  • Western Yellowstriped Armyworm: Spodoptera praefica
  • Angle Shades: Phlogophora meticulosa
  • Autumnal Rustic: Eugnorisma glareosa
  • Cabbage Moth: Mamestra brassicae
  • Common Swift: Korscheltellus lupulina
  • Garden Dart: Euxoa nigricans
  • Ghost Moth: Hepialus humuli
  • The Gothic: Naenia typica
  • Grey Chi: Antitype chi
  • Heart and Club: Agrotis clavis
  • Heart and Dart: Agrotis exclamationis
  • Ingrailed Clay: Diarsia mendica
  • Large Yellow Underwing: Noctua pronuba
  • The Nutmeg: Discestra trifolii
  • Setaceous Hebrew Character: Xestia c-nigrum
  • The Shark: Cucullia umbratica
  • Small Angle Shades: Euplexia lucipara
  • Turnip Moth: Agrotis segetum

Slugs and Snails


Bottom Rot

  • Rhizoctonia

Downy Mildew

Gray Mold

White Mold

  • Sclerotinia

Other ProblemsEdit

Calcium Deficiency

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