Systena blanda

Palestriped Flea Beetle
Binomial:Systena blanda
Order: Coleoptera
Damaging stages:Grubs on roots, adults on cotyledons and foliage

Palestriped Flea Beetles are a pest of many food crops, and can also cause damage to ornamentals, particularly when the host plants are young.

Description edit

Adult beetle is yellow through brown or black with a paler stripe on each wing cover, and a red head. Like all Flea Beetles, they jump away when disturbed. Grubs are long and thin.

Symptoms and Signs edit

Grubs cause root damage, particularly to tubers such as potatoes or sweet potatoes. Adults cause shotholing or skeletonized leaves, particularly of young plants.

Ecology edit

Overwinters as an adult in debris.

Host plants edit

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