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History edit

The logotype for the Xbox One.

Development edit

Development of backwards compatibility tools for the Xbox One to support games for the original Xbox and Xbox 360 took a large amount of effort.[1]

Launch edit

The Xbox One was launched in November of 2013 at a cost of $500.[2] The Xbox One likely sold at a loss launch, with much of the manufacturing cost coming from the Kinect sensor.[3] At the time of launch Shareholders were urging the company to sell off it's Xbox devision, a move that Steve Balmer successfully resisted at the same time that he was stepping down as CEO of Microsoft.[4][5]

Controversy surrounds the launch due to Microsoft's planned use of an always online requirement, lack of backwards compatibility, and restrictions on game sharing.[6][7] Furthermore there were privacy concerns regarding the required Kinect camera accessory.[8] The competing PlayStation 4 launches without these restrictions and appeals to gamers as a gaming focused device.[6] Microsoft quickly drops these restrictions, though their early fumble costs them market share.[9][6]

Recovery edit

Xbox at Gamescom 2019

Economizing edit

Over the course of 2014, Microsoft took many steps to make the Xbox One more consumer friendly and competitive in the market, including a number of price reductions and offering the system without a Kinect for a cheaper price.[10]

For the market in Brazil Microsoft manufactured the Xbox One there, letting it cost only 2,199 reals compared to the cost of the PlayStation 4's Brazilian cost of 3,999 reals.[11]

Software improvements edit

In late 2013 an incomplete developer mode for the Xbox One surfaced, prompting curiosity.[12] By 2014 the ID@Xbox Indie development program had launched.[13]

The Xbox One launched in Japan on September 4th, 2014, to little fanfare.[14] Also in 2014 Microsoft acquired the Swedish company Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, for 2.5 billion dollars.[15]

In 2015 backwards compatibility for the Xbox 360 was added to the Xbox One.[6][16]

In early 2016 it was announced that the Xbox one would support Universal Windows Applications.[17]

In January 2022 restrictions began being implemented to stop homebrew and emulation.[18]

Refresh edit

The improved Xbox One S was launched on August 2nd, 2016.[19]

In 2018 Microsoft acquires the developer Obsidian, giving them ownership of series like Pillars of Eternity.[20]

The Xbox One X was launched in late 2017.[21] By late August 2017 the original Xbox One was discontinued.[22][23]

The price reduced Xbox One S All Digital Edition was launched in 2019.[24]

Legacy edit

We lost the worst generation to lose in the Xbox One generation, where everybody built their digital library of games.

—Phil Spencer, Kinda Funny Games interview[25]

Production of the Xbox One S All Digital Edition and the Xbox One X were discontinued in early 2020 to focus on production of the upcoming Xbox Series X and Series X.[26] This was confirmed officially in January 2022.[27]

Technology edit

The Xbox One APU
An 28nm original Xbox APU die.

Xbox One edit

Compute edit

The Xbox One uses an AMD APU which contains the CPU and GPU.[28] The Xbox One has an eight core Jaguar CPU clocked at 1.75 gigahertz.[28]

The Xbox One GPU contains 12 compute units clocked at 853 megahertz.[29][30]

The original Xbox One is capable of 1.31 teraflops of performance.[29]

The CPU contains 32 megabytes of high speed ESRAM and eight gigabytes of DDR3 RAM.[31]

Hardware edit

The Xbox One contains a 500 gigabyte hard drive and Blu-Ray drive.[31] The Xbox One Elite Edition uses a one terabyte hybrid hard drive and SSD combo instead of a pure hard drive.[32]

The Xbox One contains three Wi-Fi n radios and gigabit ethernet.[31][33]

Design edit

Though the system would receive a 2014 Red Dot design award,[34] popular reception of the design was less welcome, and comparisons to home AV equipment were often made.[35]

Xbox One S edit

Compute edit

The Xbox One S has an AMD APU containing eight Jaguar CPU cores clocked at 1.75 gigahertz and a GPU clocked at 914 megahertz.[36][37]

The Xbox One S is capable of 1.4 teraflops of performance.[29]

The Xbox One S has eight gigabytes of GDDR3 RAM.[36][37]

Hardware edit

The Xbox One S has either a 500 gigabyte, a one terabyte, or a two terabyte hard disk drive depending on the model.[36][37] The Xbox One S also has an Ultra HD Blu-Ray optical disk drive, though this was excluded from the all digital edition of the Xbox One S.[37][38][39]

The Xbox One S motherboard was later reused on the Chwi Japanese Mini-PC.[40]

Xbox One X edit

Compute edit

An Xbox One X SOC.
An 16nm Xbox One X die.

The Xbox One X has an eight core CPU clocked at 2.3 gigahertz.[41]

The Xbox One X GPU is based on the AMD Polaris architecture and is clocked at 1.172 gigahertz and has forty compute units.[41] The Xbox One X outputs up to 4K resolution with HDR10 support.[42]

The Xbox One X is capable of six teraflops of performance.[43]

The Xbox One X has 12 gigabytes of GDDR5 at a speed of 326 gigabytes per second.[42]

Hardware edit

The Xbox One X has eight gigabytes of flash storage and a one terabyte hard drive.[42] The Xbox One X has a UHD Blu-Ray optical disk drive.[42]

The Xbox One X has dual band (2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz) ac Wi-Fi, a gigabit ethernet port, and an IR blaster.[42][41]

Scorpio Dev Kit edit

The Scorpio Dev Kit is similar to an Xbox One X, but has a extra SSD with a one terabyte capacity, an OLED screen, 24 gigabytes of DDR5 RAM, and 44 GPU compute units.[44]

Controller edit

The Xbox One controller uses four motors to create directional force feedback.[45]

Security edit

The Xbox One has security features that would later become the Microsoft Pluton Processor.[46]

Notable Games edit

2013 edit

The Xbox One at E3 2013.

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Gears 5 edit

Gears 5 screenshot.

2020 edit

Special Edition Xbox One consoles edit

  • Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X - Released in June 2020 with glow in the dark "No Future" tag - 45,000 made.[47][48]

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