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History edit

The logotype for the Xbox 360.

Development edit

The Xbox 360 was preceded by the original Xbox. Development on the Xbox 360 started in 2003 as project Xenon.[1] From 2003 to 2005 the dev kit for the Xbox 360 was based on an Apple PowerMac G5 desktop computer.[2][3]

The Xbox 360 exterior was designed by three different studios.[4]

Launch edit

The Xbox 360 was launched on November 22nd, 2005.[5]

Prime edit

Early Xbox 360 consoles would often scratch disks or overheat to the point of bricking the console.[6] In light of high failure rates, in 2007 Microsoft extended the Warranty of the Xbox 360 to three years, ultimately costing Microsoft $1.15 billion dollars.[7][8] The sheer scale of the recall was so massive that a significant portion of that cost, $240 million dollars, was solely dedicated to paying for the logistics of shipping consoles.[7] Legal action resulting from the high failure rates on the Xbox 360 would eventually lead to the US Supreme Court case Microsoft Corp. v. Baker.[9]

The Xbox 360 S was released in 2010.[10] The price of Xbox Live also increased in 2010.[11][12]

The Xbox 360 E was released in 2013.[10]

Legacy edit

The Xbox 360 was followed by the Xbox One.

Xbox 360 production ceased in 2016.[13] 85 million Xbox 360 consoles were sold.[14]

Technology edit

Compute edit

The Xbox 360 is powered by a custom three core IBM 64-bit PowerPC CPU named Xenon, clocked at 3.2 gigahertz.[15][16] The CPU has 165 million transistors.[15] The CPU also contains eFuses to prevent firmware rollbacks.[17]

The Xbox 360 GPU is a custom ATI design clocked at 500 megahertz, with 10 megabytes of dedicated RAM.[15]

The Xbox 360 has 512 megabytes of unified GDDR3 RAM clocked at 700 megahertz.[18][15] The Xbox 360 RAM is shared between the CPU and GPU.[18]

Storage edit

Most Xbox 360 units have removable hard drives.[19]

Software edit

Xbox Live edit

In 2020 Xbox Live cloud saves were made available to free Xbox Live users on the Xbox 360.[20]

Other system software edit

A software emulator was used for limited backwards compatibility with original Xbox games.[21]

The Xbox 360 contained a version of Neon, a light synthesizer developed by Jeff Minter,[22] who is also known for his work on the games Tempest 2000 and Tempest 3000.

Software development edit

Despite using a 64-bit CPU, ExtremeTech suggests that much of the code for the Xbox 360 was 32 bit.[23]

Notable Games edit

2005 edit

Xbox 360 at the Tokyo Game Show in 2005.

2006 edit

2007 edit

Bill Gates sells the first official copy of Halo 3 on launch night.

Shadowrun edit

One of the first games to have cross platform multiplayer between Xbox 360 and PC.[24]

Read more about the 2007 Shadowrun video game on Wikipedia.

2008 edit

Gears of War 2 at PAX 2008

2009 edit

2010 edit

An Xbox 360 promotion truck.

2011 edit

2012 edit

2021 edit

Goldeneye 007 Remake edit

A nearly completed and highly anticipated, yet ultimately unreleased remasted version of Rare's innovative N64 title Goldeneye 007 was leaked in February 2021.[25][26]

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Preservation edit

There is a WikiBook on the Xbox 360, with notes on development, undocumented commands, and motherboard replacement.

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