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Reunion of the Blue Sky Rangers in 2011, people who worked on Intellivision games.

The Intellivision is based on the General Instrument GIMINI 8900 platform.[1]

Test marketing for the Intellivision occurred in the area around Fresno, California in 1979.[2]

Launch edit

Intellivision logotype.

The Intellivision was released in 1980.[3] In 1981 the system cost $299.95.[4] Cartridges for the system cost between $24.95 and 34.95 in 1981.[4]

An internal group of highly paid, hardworking, and secretive team of developers known as the Blue Sky Rangers worked on producing games for the Intellivision through at least 1982.[5] A 1982 Ford concept car featured a built in Intellivision.[6]

The Intellivision and the Atari 2600 competed fiercely in the market, leading to the first major console war.[7]

Legacy edit

The Intellivision lasted on the market until 1990.[3] The Intellivision sold over 3 million consoles.[8]

Mattel's next console was the HyperScan in 2006, though there is little relation beyond the parent company between these consoles.

Technology edit

Compute edit

The Intellivision had a 16 bit General Instrument CP1610 CPU with 10 bit instructions clocked at 894.886 kilohertz (About 0.89 megahertz) and 1352 bytes of total RAM.[3][9][10]

The Intellivision output at a resolution of 160 by 196 pixels with 16 colors.[3]

Software edit

PlayCable edit

The Intellivision had an online service called PlayCable that operated from 1980 to 1983 that allowed downloading games over a cable TV connection.[9]

Third Party Lockout edit

The Intellivision II was released in 1982, featuring a ROM that tried to keep third parties who were not licensed from making games for the system.[11][12] This was among the first lockout methods used on a major console, and would refuse to boot unless a Mattel copyright screen was shown, though because this was implemented while the console had already been on the market, it caused incompatibility with some prior official games.[12] The system was not effective in stopping unauthorized third parties from publishing Intellivision games.[11][12]

Notable Games edit

125 games were released on the Intellivision.[3]

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