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History edit

Crowds at San Diego Comic-Con in 2006.

Mattel previously released the Intellivision in 1980, and did not make a proper console following it for some time.

The HyperScan was demonstrated at San Diego Comic-Con in 2006.[1] Prior to release there was some skepticism about the console, mostly concerned with the console trying to do too many things at once.[2]

The HyperScan was released in 2006 and cost $69.99 with an X-Men game and six associated cards as a pack in.[3][4][5] A two player value pack was also available, which contained two controllers.[6]

The HyperScan was discontinued in 2007.[4]

Technology edit

Compute edit

The HyperScan is powered by a 32-Bit Sunplus SPG290 system on a chip[7][8] clocked at 108MHz.[9]

The HyperScan had 16MB of DDR DRAM.[9]

Storage edit

Games were stored on UDF CD-ROMS, with 96 Byte 13.56MHz RFID cards serving as save devices.[7]

Game library edit

  • X-Men[5]
  • Ben 10[5]
  • Interstellar Wrestling League
  • Marvel Heroes
  • Spider-Man

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HyperScan Console edit

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HyperScan Internals edit

Trivia edit

The HyperScan processor belongs to the same family of SunPlus processors commonly used in plug n play and clone consoles such as the Vii.[10]

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