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The Cassette Vision saw a Japanese only launch on June 30th, 1981.[1][2] The Cassette Vision was sold for 13,500 yen, and games were sold for 4,000 yen.[3][2] The Cassette Vision sold over 400,000 consoles and was the most popular console in Japan for a time.[3][4] The system was held back in part by internal factors, as Epoch only had a single NEC TK-80 computer to be used for game development, limiting the Cassette Vision's library.[3][5]

The Cassette Vision was discontinued in 1984.[1] and would be followed by the improved Super Cassette Vision.



An NEC D777C CPU was included on Cassette Vision game cartridges.[6][7] This hardware was considered dated at the time.[3]

Cartridges for the system had a storage capacity of 2 kilobytes.[6]

Game library


Cassette Vision game cartridges cost around 4,000 yen each.[2]

  • Astro Command[8]
  • Galaxian - Despite the name this game is actually based on Moon Cresta, and not the more popular game also known as Galaxian.[8] This was a launch title.[3]
  • Kikori no Yosaku[8]
  • Baseball[8] - A launch title.[3]
  • New Baseball[8]
  • Battle Vader[8]
  • Big Sports 12[8]
  • PakPak Monster[8]
  • Monster Mansion[8]
  • Monster Block[8]
  • Elevator Panic[8]

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