Haxorware Modem Firmware

This book is intended to be a manual for Haxorware which is a custom cable modem firmware. This is a legal firmware change. This book is NOT intended to demonstrate or condone any illegal practices. DO NOT add information to this book regarding ANY theft of service!

Overview edit

Current Revision: 1.1 R39
Compatibility: All BCM3349 chipset based modems (Including SB5101/E/i, SB5102/E/i, Webstar DPC2100R2, RCA DCM425, Ambit 250/255/256)
Versions: DIAG & LITE.


  • Might not perform optimally on a 8MB ram modem (16/32mb upgrade recommended).
  • Based on sb5101u/n firmware (which includes diagnostic output, console and SPI support)
  • Much more Verbose to troubleshoot issues.
  • Standby button does not work
  • Memory leak on SPI modems fixed in Rev39


  • Based on sb5101e firmware
  • Does not support SPI flash based modems.
  • Crippled shell & much less diagnostic output in telnet/serial.
  • Static IP option is missing because there is no ipconfig command in the shell anymore (and the entire /ip page is missing too).
  • The standby button on a 5101 works in LITE

Once logged into the Haxorware modem At the top of every page you will see the Haxorware title, the version, and the Revision number. You will also see:

Uptime: Lists how long the modem has been online
Memory: Current free memory/In use memory (Percent Free memory)
Status: Whether the modem is online and operational or other current status
DS: Downstream signal strength in dBmV / Downstream Signal to Noise Ratio indB US: upstream signal strength in dBmV

Installation Instructions edit


Haxorware Pages and Configuration edit

Event Log Displays Events and errors in operation
Configuration Settings
Config File
Baseline Privacy
Static IP
File Manager
Web Shell
Backup and Restore
Firmware upgrade
Factory Defaults - clears all dynamic settings such as preferred downstream frequencies, upstream channel IDs and their power levels.
About - Information about Haxorware
Reboot - Modem reboot page

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