Haxorware Modem Firmware/Stealth

This page is where you enter basic information for your modems behavior when the ISP SNMP scans your modem or you request a DHCP lease. The modem can tell the ISP it is anything you want and these are the fields you would enter this in. Many times ISP's check for specific information when querying a modem to determine whether it gets allowed online, a firmware update, etc. Many ISP's will not allow your modem online if it believes you are running an outdated firmware so be sure to enter the most current information on this page.

Modem IdentifiersEdit

Vendor Enter the manufacturer you want to emulate or tell the ISP you are running (such as "Motorola", etc.)
Model This is where you enter the Model number information you want to supply
Software Version This is where you enter the firmware version you want to supply
Override Hardware Version Check this to supply a different hardware version to the vendor other than what it is.
Hardware Version Enter the hardware version you want to supply here
Override Bootloader Revision Check this to override the default bootloader revision sent to your ISP
Bootloader Revision Enter revision information here

SNMP AgentEdit

Server Port Port number for snmp scans
Disable SNMP Agent after registration Check this to disable snmp probe requests from your isp after initial registration when the modem goes online (recommended)
Redirect SNMP Traps When SNMP requests are sent redirect them to another device and port (such as another modem on the network)
IP IP address to redirect to
Port Destination port at redirected IP