Haxorware Modem Firmware/Configuration Settings


Factory Mode This forces the modem to behave as if it was supplied by the ISP and bypasses customs settings.
Disable Firmware Upgrades This option will force Haxorware to ignore new modem firmware pushes from the ISP. Unchecking this could compromise your Haxorware install.
Force Network Access No information available at the moment.
Tftp Enforce Bypass If your ISP enforces Tftp config file this option will tell the modem to download the supplied config file at the right point - even if you are using another one.
Disable IP Filters on startup IP filters are used by some ISP's to block traffic of certain types on certain ports (such as if your ISP blocks port 80 to prevent you from hosting a web server). This option bypasses them entirely.


Ignore T1 (No valid UCDs)
Ignore T2 (Ranging Opportunity)
Ignore T3 (Ranging Response)
Ignore T4 (Station Maintenance)


Control Panel IP Address Set a different IP than standard here if necessary
DHCP Server Check this to assign the IP to WAN on router or to PC. Uncheck this ONLY if you have it set manually.


Password protection enable or disable Password protecting the GUI from tampering.

Telnet ServerEdit

Current state Whether Telnet services are running
Run on startup Whether Telnet should start when the modem is booted, or only when manually enabled.