HKDSE Geography

development mutually exclusive?

Guiding Questions

  • What is happening to tropical rainforests?
  • What would a tropical rainforest look like before large-scale deforestation? Why does it look like that?
  • What is the evidence for saying that tropical rainforest is a complex but fragile ecosystem?
  • Why are tropical rainforests all over the world disappearing at a faster rate in recent times?
  • What is the impact of large-scale deforestation in tropical rainforest regions?
  • How will it affect the local and global environments?
  • How will it affect the indigenous people?
  • How will it affect our lives in Hong Kong?
  • How can tropical rainforests be prevented from disappearing?
  • Will the protection of tropical rainforests hinder the development of the local economy?
  • Can we strike a balance?
  • What price has to be paid to protect tropical rainforests, and who should pay?
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the measures

Table of Contents