Gujarati is a language with grammatical gender. There are three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter.

Nouns can often, but by no means always, be identified as to their gender according to their ending. These same gender-linked suffixes are used to make adjectives, verbs, and even adverbs agree with nouns in Gujarati sentences.

Singular Plural
Neuter -ઉં -ũ -આં -ãã
Masculine -ઓ -o -આ -aa
Feminine -ઈ -ii -ઈ -ii

He તે
She તેણી
Man માણસ
Woman સ્ત્રી
Husband પતિ
Wife પત્નિ
Mother માતા
Father પિતા
Brother ભાઇ
Sister બહેન
Boy છોકરો
Girl છોકરી