Guide to Unix/Commands

The Unix command line is often considered difficult to learn. This book aims to help beginners by introducing various commands in lucid and simple language. Unlike most command references, this book is designed to be a self-study guide.

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Section Contents
Getting Help

man   info   apropos   whatis   makewhatis  

File System Utilities

ls   mkdir   cd   pwd   chroot   cp   mv   rm   touch   df   link   ln   unlink   chown chmod mount

Finding Files

find   whereis   which   locate   xargs

File Viewing

cat   more   less   od   head   tail  

File Editing

pico   nano   zile   vi   joe   emacs  

Text Processing


File Compression


File Analysing

file   wc   cksumsumstatgrepdiffdiff3cmpstrings

Multiuser Commands

who   finger   su  

Self Information

whoami   groups   id   tty  

System Information

uptime   uname   dmesg   free   vmstat   top   df   hostname  



Process Management

nohup   ps   kill   pgrep   pidof   killall  


fuser   lsof   fstat

Kernel Commands

lsmod   modprobesysctl


sync   echo   printfcal   date   time   from   mail  clear  seqteesleepyestruefalse

SW Development


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