Guide to Unix/Explanations

This part of the guide contains a list of various topics which introduce and explain the use and administration of Unix-like systems.

There is an attempt to organise the subpages into parts.

Part 1: Command LineEdit

Part 2: Common ProgramsEdit

  • Scheduling Jobs at, cron
  • Introduction to Editors available text editors
  • Text Utilities cut, sort, sed, ...
  • awk
  • bc utility for arbitrary-precision arithmetic
  • ed and sed text editors in command mode
  • roff text formatting, often for manual pages

Part 3: AdministrationEdit

Part 4: HardwareEdit

Part 5: NetworkingEdit

Part 6: Electronic MailEdit

  • Mail Server Overview Incoming Mail, Outgoing Mail, Local Mail, Client Connectivity
  • Mail Server Related Terminology

Part 7: SecurityEdit

  • Firewalls How firewalls work and how to configure them

Part 8: Beyond This BookEdit

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