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The Los Angeles metropolitan area hosts a number of rail transportation systems, the most notable of which are Metro Rail (operated by LACMTA, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority), Metrolink (a commuter rail system serving the greater Los Angeles area), and Amtrak Pacific Surfliner (an Amtrak line serving San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Luis Obispo).

This book is designed to instruct readers on how to get around Los Angeles by rail.

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  • Metro Rail currently has an acceptable amount of information for now (expansions are always welcome). At the moment, it might be preferable to start the Metrolink pages.
  • However, Metro Rail still lacks information about the fares in "/The Savvy Traveler/Fares and Passes" and an article about the tourist attractions in LA County at "/Major LA Tourist Attractions/Metro Rail Tourist Attractions."
  • Finally, route maps need to be implemented across the book on most pages that discuss lines (e.g. Green Line and 91 Line (future).

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