Getting around Los Angeles by Rail/Metro Rail/Metro Red Line

The Metro Red Line is one of the 5 lines of the Los Angeles County Metro Rail. Part of it shares route with the Purple Line.

A Wilshire/Normandie sign.
Although Wilshire/Normandie is located along the Purple Line, the entrance sign is painted Red (because it was created before the designation of the Purple Line).

Name of Line Red Line
Route Number 802
Route Direction East-West
North/East Terminus Los Angeles Union Station
South/West Terminus North Hollywood
Transfer Stations Los Angeles Union Station (Gold Line, Metrolink/Amtrak), 7th Street/Metro Center (Blue Line)
LRT/HRT HRT (Heavy-Rail Transit) - Subway
Operated By LACMTA
Opened January 30, 1993
Route Length 16.4 mi (26.4 km)
Stations 14
Fleet Ansaldobreda A650


A map of the Red Line (click to enlarge).
Station Notes
Los Angeles Union Station Transfer to Gold Line, Metrolink, Amtrak / Eastern Terminus / Concurrency Terminus with Purple Line
Civic Center Concurrency with Purple Line
Pershing Square Concurrency with Purple Line
7th Street/Metro Center Transfer to Blue Line and future Expo Line / Concurrency with Purple Line
Westlake/MacArthur Park Concurrency with Purple Line
Wilshire/California Ave. Concurrency Terminus with Purple Line
Vermont/California Ave.
Vermont/Santa Monica
Hollywood/Highland Located in the heart of Hollywood, where most tourist attractions are
Universal City Gateway to Universal Studios
North Hollywood Transfer to Metro Liner Orange Line (bus) / Western Terminus
Station Connections Date Opened
Union Station Purple Line  Gold Line (Los Angeles Metro)|Gold Line  Silver Line (Los Angeles Metro)|Silver Line  El Monte Busway
Metro Rapid: 704, 728, 733, 740, 745, 770
Foothill Transit: Silver Streak (bus)|Silver Streak
Amtrak  Metrolink (Southern California)|Metrolink
January 30, 1993
Civic Center Purple Line  Silver Line (Los Angeles Metro)|Silver Line
Metro Rapid: 728, 730, 733, 740, 745, 770, 794
Foothill Transit: Silver Streak
January 30, 1993
Pershing Square Purple Line  Silver Line (Los Angeles Metro)|Silver Line
Metro Rapid: 720, 728, 730, 740, 745, 753, 770, 794
Foothill Transit: Silver Streak
Angels Flight
January 30, 1993
7th St/Metro Center Purple Line   Green Line (Los Angeles Metro)|Blue Line  Silver Line (Los Angeles Metro)|Silver Line  Harbor Transitway
Metro Rapid: 720, 753, 760, 770
Metro Express: 450X
Foothill Transit: Silver Streak
January 30, 1993
Westlake/MacArthur Park Purple Line
Metro Rapid: 720
January 30, 1993
Wilshire/California Ave. Purple Line
Metro Rapid: 720, 754, 920
July 13, 1996
Vermont/Beverly Metro Rapid: 754 June 12, 1999
Vermont/Santa Monica Metro Rapid: 704, 754 June 12, 1999
Vermont/Sunset Metro Rapid: 754 June 12, 1999
Hollywood/Western Metro Rapid: 757, 780 June 12, 1999
Hollywood/Vine Metro Rapid: 780 June 12, 1999
Hollywood/Highland Metro Rapid: 780 June 24, 2000
Universal City Metro Rapid: 750 June 24, 2000
North Hollywood Orange Line June 24, 2000

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