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The GENtle web interface lets you access DNA and amino acid sequences from NCBI, as well as publications listed at PubMed. The interface also covers BLAST searches.



Chosing Nucleotide or Protein, entering a sequence name/keywords, and hitting Search/ENTER will show the NCBI search results for that query. More results (if any) can be browsed with >>.

Double-clicking an entry will download and open the (annotated) sequence.



The PubMed option gives new entry fields for author(s) (written "Lastname Initials", separated by ","), and date limitations (years), as well as a result sort option.

Double-clicking an entry will open a web browser window with the respective PubMed abstract page.



Running a BLAST search for a DNA or amino acid sequence will open a new tab in the web interface, showing a countdown for the time the BLAST results are expected to arrive. Once loaded, the results are displayed as simple alignments.

Double-clicking an entry will open the found sequence.