The GENtle manual

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In this module, amino acid sequences (peptides/proteins) can be viewed, edited and annotated. It uses a sequence map as main display, and a multi-purpose overview display at the top.

The protein module.



Several functions and display options can be invoked in the tool bar:

  • Enter sequence
  • Open sequence
  • Save sequence
  • Print sequence
  • Undo
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Plot (shows a plot within the sequence map)
  • Horizontal mode

Function display


The smaller display on the top can show several types of information:

Data Shows some basic data that has been calculated from the sequence
Description Shows the sequence description
Scheme Shows a DNA map-like layout of the whole protein
AA weight Shows a plot of the molecular weight of the individual amino acids
AA isoelectric point Shows a plot of the isoelectric point of the individual amino acids
Hydrophobicity Shows a plot of the local hydrophobicity of the amino acids nearby
Chou-Fasman plot Shows a detailed Chou-Fasman-plot

Special menus

Edit/Photometer analysis Invokes the respective calculator
Edit/'Backtranslate' DNA Attempts to generate the DNA sequence which codes for this amino acid sequence, using the full range of IUPAC base letters
Edit/Proteolysis assistant Invokes the proteolysis assistant