Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The next article in The Weems Weekly is dated July 12, 1930 with the headline "Whistle Stop Growing by Leaps and Bounds." Opal Threadgoode is opening a salon because her husband won't let her cut hair at home anymore because it is causing his hens not to lay eggs. Dot Weems points out that residents will now be able to get their hair done, mail a letter and eat all on the same block. She tells her readers the Glass Family reunion was held and the food tasted better than it looked. Dot tells her readers she has been busy taking care of her husband because he hooked his finger while fishing.


The nature of life in the town of Whistle Stop is again seen in this article. The small size of the town is seen in Dot's statement about the opening of the salon.

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