Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 8

Chapter 8

This chapter returns to the Rose Terrace Nursing Home. The date is December 22, 1985, one week since Evelyn's last visit. She is again in the lounge. Mrs. Ninny Threadgoode is sitting in the same spot wearing the same dress. Evelyn is again eating candy and Ninny continues the conversation started the week before.

Ninny tells Evelyn about Idgie and her brother Buddy. Her name was Imogene, but Buddy gave her the name Idgie. Buddy was very popular with the girls and Idgie would carry love notes back and forth to his girlfriends. Buddy and Idgie stole watermelons once and hid them in their mother's blackberry patch. Mother thought they had grown there overnight and even looked for more the following year.

The family was large and close. Their mother was Baptist and their father Methodist, but everyone met back at the house for Sunday dinner.

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