Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 7

Chapter 7

An article in The Weems Weekly dated October 22, 1929 with the headline "Meteorite on Display at Cafe." The meteorite has been attracting so much attention that Mrs. Otis has decided to move it to the cafe. Idgie will place it on the counter for anyone wanting to see it. There is a death notice for Bessie Vick, 98 years old. Old age is suspected as the cause of death. There is no other news because Dot's husband has the flu.


The Whistle Stop cafe has become the center of life in the town. Every article to this point has talked about either the cafe or Idgie. The newspaper is more of a hobby to Dot than a job. Her first responsibilities are to her job in the post office and caring for her sick husband.

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