Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 10

Chapter 10

This chapter is set in the Whistle Stop Cafe on November 18, 1931. The name of the cafe is on boxcars around the country. The fires from hobo camps are everywhere and Idgie and Ruth have fed most of them at some point. Cleo is worried because she is feeding so many that she will go out of business or not have enough food left for herself and Ruth. Idgie tells Ninny she had an uncle that worked in a mint and was crushed by either 700 pounds of dimes or 300 pounds of quarters. When Ninny believes the story, Cleo tells her she should know better than to believe his crazy sister.


Idgie's generosity is seen again in this chapter. She can't turn away a hungry person. She isn't worried about money and cares more about people than making a profit.

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