Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 11

Chapter 11

This chapter returns to the Rose Terrace Nursing home on January 29, 1986. Evelyn is again in the lounge with Ninny; she is eating snowballs this time and gives one to Ninny. Ninny is talking about life with the Threadgoode's. On the fourth of July, they would wear paper crowns and eat ice cream. Their father would hire people to set off fireworks for the children. Buddy had come down dressed as Leona, who was the vainest of all the Threadgoode girls. Idgie wore overalls and Buddy had cut off all her hair, so she looked like a boy.

The cake Evelyn had shared reminded Ninny of the picnic where something awful had happened. The boys had walked some church friends to the train. The family heard a screeching sound. Buddy had been showing off for a girl and was killed.

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