Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 12

Chapter 12

An article in The Weems Weekly dated December 1, 1931. The headline reads "Radio Star in Whistle Stop" Essie Rue Limeway, a member of the Baptist choir and a barbershop quartet would be appearing on the radio at 6:30 every morning on the King Biscuit Time. She would be playing the piano in a commercial. Essie told Dot that they were overstocked with pianos and organs. Mentioning Essie's name would get the reader a discount. The only other news is from the new hair salon. The O in Opal fell off and almost hit Mrs. Otis. Opal wants all to know she now has human hair available.


Essie Rue is Idgie's sister. The Threadgoode family remains the center of interest in Whistle Stop. The cafe and salon are owned by Threadgoodes and one or two members of the family are mentioned in every edition of the paper up to this.

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