Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 63

Chapter 63

The August 31, 1940 edition of The Weems Weekly carries the headline, "Yard Man Run Over By Car." Vesta ran over the black man that works for her. She was angry because he was lying in the front yard, instead of working. He is not hurt and Grady attributes this to recent rains. Dot tells her readers that her husband burned down their garage. He threw his cigarette onto a pile of magazines she had been saving. She notes that he saved his saw, but forgot the car. She is fine with this because the car didn't run right anyway.


This article gives more evidence of Vesta's mental state. She didn't become crazy in the nursing home; she was crazy from a young age. Dot again portrays her husband as a moron, by telling the story of the fire in the garage.

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