Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 64

Chapter 64

On November 22, 1930 a group of KKK members line up in front of the cafe. Grady is there and goes out to investigate. They leave, but Ruth notices one of the men staring at her. She recognizes his shoes and becomes afraid. Grady tells the girls the men are from Georgia and won't be back to bother them again. They don't come back, but the man with the shoes does come back alone and late at night. He is Frank Bennett.

Analysis Edit

Ruth comes face to face with Frank. He is in his KKK robes, but Ruth recognizes his shoes. Until now, he hasn't known he has a child because she found out she was pregnant after she left. She had escaped her marriage and thought she was rid of Frank, but he reappeared with the Klan. This brings her fear to the surface.

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