Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 62

Chapter 62

Momma and Poppa Threadgoode are waiting on the porch for Ruth, Idgie and the boys. Poppa tells her not to push Ruth, to let her make up her own mind about staying. When they see how frail she looks, they tell her to stay. She says she will and she never should have left Idgie in the first place. Momma says she is happy Idgie has found such a sweet companion. The next day, she goes back to her maiden name. At first, she is upset when Idgie tells everyone Frank was crushed by an armored truck, but after the baby is born, she is glad.


The importance of family is the theme of this chapter. The Threadgoode's are family to Ruth and welcome her with open arms. She professes her love for Idgie and says she will stay this time. Idgie tells another of her crazy stories when telling everyone in town that Frank Bennett was killed in a rather graphic way, this is more then likely to make Ruth feel better, which ultimately works.

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