Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 61

Chapter 61

On September 21, 1928 Idgie, Cleo, Julian, Big George, Wilbur Weems and Billy Limeway go to Valdosta to get Ruth. Ruth is dressed and waiting, but Frank wakes up when he hears the car in the driveway. He storms outside and yells at Idgie. When he sees the men, he demands to know what is going on. Julian tells him Ruth is leaving and warns him to stay away from Big George, whom Julian describes as a crazy nigger. They leave and Frank yells for Ruth to never come back. He tells the neighbors she went crazy after her mother died and he had to have her committed.

Analysis Edit

With the help of Idgie and the men, Ruth finally breaks free of her abusive relationship and returns to Idgie. Many women stay far too long in abusive relationships because they feel there is nowhere else to go.

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