Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 20

Chapter 20

This chapter takes the reader back to the Rose Terrace Nursing Home on January 19, 1986. Mrs. Ninny Threadgoode thinks Evelyn hasn't come to the nursing home, so she leaves the lounge to take a walk through the halls. She finds Evelyn eating candy and crying. Evelyn tells Ninny her kids are gone and she feels stuck between youth and old age. She is contemplating suicide. Ninny tells her suicide is like sticking a sword in the side of Jesus. She tells Evelyn her problem is menopause and she needs hormones and a walk in the sunshine every day. She tells Evelyn about a girl she knew who experienced early menopause at age thirty-six. This girl drove up to the courthouse and threw her mother's head at a state trooper. Ninny warns Evelyn that is what menopause can do if you're not careful.

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