Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 21

Chapter 21

An article in The Weems Weekly dated June 8, 1935. The headline reads, "Drama Club Has Hit." The play, "Hamlet" was written by Shakespeare. This author, Dot notes, is the same man who wrote the play performed last year. The cast includes Earl Adcock, Jr. as Hamlet and his mother Vesta as Hamlet's mother. Essie Rue Limeway will play the organ in the show. Dot notes that Vesta is planning to write next year's play, which will be based on the history of Whistle Stop. She asks anyone who knows of any history to please send it to Vesta.


The tone of the article suggests that most Whistle Stop residents are not familiar with the works of William Shakespeare. Dot doesn't even seem to know who he is, either. It is written as though he were a contemporary playwright.

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