Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 19

Chapter 19

An article in The Weems Weekly dated May 16, 1934 carries the headline, "Gopher Bite Report." Bertha Vick was bitten on the bottom while sitting on her toilet in the middle of the night. Her husband thought she was dreaming until he saw the animal swimming in the toilet. Dot Weems tells her readers her husband thinks the gopher came up the pipes due to flooding from recent heavy rains. Dot asks her readers if anyone else has had a high electric bill. She attributes her high bill to her husband leaving the lights on all the time. Essie Rue has a job playing the organ in Birmingham for the Protective Life Insurance Company Radio Show.


The paper continues to portray life in the small town of Whistle Stop, Alabama. Again, Dot talks about her personal life in the paper.

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