Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 16

Chapter 16

This chapter takes place at the Whistle Stop Cafe on March 22, 1933. Idgie is having coffee with Smokey when a black man named Ocie Smith knocks on the door. He tells Idgie he has smelled the barbecue for months and has money to pay for some. She serves him out the back door and tells him she'd let him come in and sit down, but she can't. Idgie tells him to come whenever he wants and tells Sipsey to wait on him. Sipsey warns her she will get in trouble with the KKK.

Three days later, the sheriff comes to warn Idgie about serving black people. She responds by telling him he shouldn't be having an affair. The discussion gets heated when Idgie tells him he should change his shoes when he puts on his KKK robe.

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