Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 17

Chapter 17

The April 6, 1933 edition of The Weems Weekly talks about the menu at the cafe for April fool's Day. Idgie hung a menu offering items like Filet of Possum and Prime Rib of Pole Cat. She opened the door and yelled April fools at her customers. She gave a couple from Gate City a free dessert when she caught them reading the menu and leaving. Dot ends the article by telling her readers that she broke her toe when her husband let the dog in the house. She can't get out to find the news, so she asks her readers to bring the news to her at the post office.


In small towns, the post office is often where people meet to gossip. It makes sense that Dot can find her news right there where she works, because most of her news is actually gossip.

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