Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 15

Chapter 15

This chapter takes place in the Rose Terrace Nursing Home on January 12, 1986

Evelyn is sharing a pimento and cheese sandwich with Ninny. Ninny is telling Evelyn about Sipsey, the black woman that worked for her family and later for Idgie in the cafe. Sipsey's mother had been a slave and Sipsey was very superstitious. She is afraid of the heads of animals and would bury the heads in the garden before cooking so their spirits couldn't enter her head and drive her crazy. Sipsey had always wanted a baby and one day a friend had come to the house to tell Sipsey that a woman was at the train station giving away a baby. The mother couldn't take the baby home because her husband had been in jail for three years. The baby was named George Pullman Peavy, after the train car.

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