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French/Grammar/Tenses/Past imperative

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Usage of the Past ImperativeEdit

  1. Aie écrit ce rapport demain - Have this report written tomorrow.
  2. Soyez partis à midi - Leave / be gone by noon.
  3. Ayons fini les devoirs à 7h00 - Let's have our homework finished by 7h00.

Formation of the Past ImperativeEdit

  • The impératif passé is a compound tense- it consists of two verbs, the auxiliary verb and the past participle of the verb one seeks to use in this tense.
  • The auxiliary verb is conjugated as if it were being used in the present imperative.
  • The past participle is added immediately after the auxiliary verb.
  • A negative structure such as ne ... pas is always placed around the auxiliary verb, immediately before the past participle.