Folkstyle Wrestling/Advanced Offensive Moves From Referee's Position

  • Top
    • Tilts
      • Cheap Tilt
      • Ball and Chain Tilt
      • tight waist tilt
      • 2 on 1 tilt
    • Stacks
    • Other
      • Ball and Chain
      • 1/4,3/4,Power, Nelson
  • Riding
    • Legs
    • Western
    • Arm Bars

Tight waist tilt-get a tight waist and drive your opponent at a 11 o'clock angle(if you have the tight waist in your right hand)while driving pull the waist and secure an arm with your other arm and get into a tight near fall position.not good for pinning but great for getting quick easy points

Riding Legs

The key to riding legs is constantly repositioning your hips! When you ride legs, or "throw legs in" you need to have excellent balance. This will be explained starting from referees position, on the left side.

1- Take your left leg and kick it between your opponents left arm and left leg, then wrap it around his left leg.

2-Using your Right Leg, do what is called a "Dig Shin." where you put your foot under your opponents shin and raise itup to keep your opponent off balance. It also acts like an emergency brake if you get thrown.


Now there are a couple moves you can work from here...

  • Guillotine

One of the best/hardest moves in wrestling. With your left leg in, use your left arm to hook his right arm. Then grab his right wrist with your right hand. Lift the arm just high enough to where you can duck your head under it, and pop it up on the other side of the arm. Release his arm with your left arm but stay on th wrist with your right. Arch back SLOWLY, while SLOWLY reaching your left arm towards his head. Once you have his head and he is on his back, let go of his wrist and connect both hands around his head. Pull his head toward you and arch into him with your hips, HARD. Stand by for the win.

  • Banana Split

A less complicated move than the guillotine. With the left leg in, reach your left arm to the inside of his right leg. Connect your right hand behind the leg with your left. Then arch backwards and roll him onto his back. Arch into him as hard as possible.

  • Inverted Spladle

This move is dangerous in the higher weights, so let the little guys stick to this one (103-140) With the left leg in, reach with your RIGHT arm inside of the right leg. Connect with your left hand in FRONT of the right leg. Roll to his back. If you lock this up correctly, and hang on tight, there is practically no way to lose, unless you are losing by 4 points and you run out of time for the pin.

  • Power Half

This is a pretty basic move. all you have to do is get both of your legs in then get in a half and hook it up with your other hand then begin powering them over.

  • Helicopter

This is a simple move where you throw the leg that is not hooked to the other side of the opponents body like your leg is the arm of a helicopter then when the opponent falls to his hip cross face him to the mat.(swing your leg as hard as possible).