Folkstyle Wrestling/Advanced Offensive Moves From Neutral

  • Takedowns
    • Ankle pick
    • Near ankle trip
    • Fireman's carry
    • Lateral drop
    • Duck under
    • Ankle sweep
    • Super duck
  • Setups
    • Arm Drag
    • Post
    • Counter-Attack
  • Tie-Ups
    • 2 on 1 or Russian tie
    • Under, Over
    • Single and Double Underhooks
    • Single and Double Overhooks

Fireman's carry: Begin by tying up with inside control. Next you will need to do a draw-in step (take a step backwards to draw the opponent in to you). As they step in towards you, drop to your left knee while holding on to the inside control with your left hand(DO NOT LET GO). Take your right arm and wrap it around the opponents right leg. Drop your left shoulder to the mat and sit through to a headlock.