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Compressed Air Systems edit

Assessing Industrial Compressed Air Efficiency

  • This guide serves as an aid for assessing industrial compressed air efficiency. This guide is organized into the following seven sections.

Technology Primer

  • A concise overview of compressed air equipment systems and performance. Review this section before going to the plant a reminder of what to look for and why.

Walkthrough Checklist

  • A checklist to use during the initial plant visit to identify potential compressed air system efficiency improvements. Only the most common of these are developed in the recommendation section: (Section 5).

Collecting Data

  • Assessment Data and Tools: Specific data needed to analyze system improvements are described in this section along with how it is gathered. Included in this section are sample data sheet to in collecting the needed information.

Data Sheets

  • Data sheets are included that you can use to collect the necessary data.

Power & Energy

  • Common equations and relationships used to analyze the performance of compressed air systems are presented in this section.


  • This section includes five common compressor related energy-savings recommendations. Each recommendation identifies data to collect, and presents a methodology for estimating savings.


  • Additional information on compressors, savings opportunities and analysis tools are presented in the appendix.

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