Table of Contents


Part I: First shock

After this part the reader should be able to install and use an ERP5 system with some business templates and hack a little bit on it. Understanding of genericity of ERP5 system should be sufficient to explore it - every installed module, creation and update of objects, setting of relations.

Part II: Behind the User Interface

This part will introduce some important internal concepts of ERP5 - accessors, simulations, relations, used types, taken decisions in ERP5, and so on. It shall be more descriptive to ERP5 wiki - after reading this part reader shall be able to resolve simple problems, hack ERP5 with some understanding what's going on and ask good questions on ERP5 related mailing lists.

Part III: The magic of ERP5

Part IV: Become good developer

Part V: Become a happy user


Appendixes shall be generated from code (low level) and installed ERP5 system (high level).

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