ERP5 Handbook/Business Templates


Installation techniquesEdit


Difference between Install and UpgradeEdit

If you have installed erp5_forge business template, and are a bleeding-edge type, you can from time to time update your system to the latest svn revision - see

Usually, the recommended way would be to first update the source code (by running script), then update all bt5 starting from the more basic ones and on to the application-level, so it'd go more or less like:

  • erp5_core
  • erp5_xhtml_style
  • erp5_mysql_innodb_catalog
  • erp5_pdm
  • erp5_trade
  • ...



Generic Business TemplatesEdit


Capable of rendering ERP5 data in a format recognizable by RSS readers, very configurable. Can be used in hundreds of ways, for example:

  • sale manager can use a news ticker application to monitor new sale orders entered by his team
  • while checking your email you can immediately see what's new in document management system
  • someone working on a project can use his news reader to see new task being started or completed

See wiki HowToUseRSSStyle for usage and configuration information.


Capable of rendering ERP5 data in an iCalendar format recognized by many calendaring programs (KOrganizer, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise and many others). Very configurable, can be used for scheduling, user notification, presentation of project time schedule, and many other ways.

See wiki HowToUseICalStyle for usage and configuration information.