ERP5 Handbook/Understanding listboxes

Understanding listboxes Edit

Example data table Edit

Reference Title Start Date Simulation State
001 Sale Order 2007/10/11 Draft
002 Purchase Order 2006/10/11 Confirmed
003 Sale Invoice Transaction 2006/10/11 Planned
004 Production Order 2011/12/12 Planned

Listbox filtering Edit

Take a look on above table and try to remember it. Above data will be used to explain some nice types of lixtbox filtering.

Simple filtering Edit

You may filter by using full values of given columns. If you'd type Sale Invoice Transaction in Portal Type column then only object 003 would be shown.

% sign may be used as part of word. If you'd type Sale% in Portal Type column, then objects 001 and 003 would be shown.

Using this types of filtering - which may apply on any columns and types is almost enough.

Complex filtering Edit

Date ranges Edit

You may use two operators to define date range - >= which is mean after this date, including it and <= - before this date, including it. When Start Date would be set to >= 2007/10/11 then objects 001 and 004 would be shown. When it'd set to <=2006/10/11 objects 002 and 003 would be shown.

Not operator Edit

If you'd type !=Draft in Simulation State column, then objects 002, 003 and 004 would be shown. Note, that you might not have any space after not operator != - != Draft won't work.

Domain Tree Edit


If the listbox has a domain root defined, it will display this icon - when you click on it, the listbox will enter a "domain tree mode". Then you can select a base category from the dropdown that appears to the left of the listbox.


When you select a base category (like Region), the listbox will present an expandable tree of all regions that are defined in the system. When you click on any of them, the listbox will show only these people that live in this region (or in any sub-region). Here, we selected Europe/Poland/Mazowieckie region, and we see everyone who lives in Siedlce or Warszawa.

TODO: show accounting listbox with count/sum 
feature in domain tree mode
TODO: Report tree ???

Refer to for technical details about listbox configuration.