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There are many different types of barrels in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. The ones in the game are listed below.

Basic BarrelEdit

This normal type of barrel is just made for throwing at enemies. It has no fancy artwork on the front of it.

Invincibility BarrelEdit

Like the name says, gives Diddy or Dixie invincibility for a limited amount of time. Has an exclamation point on the front.

Donkey Kong BarrelEdit

If one of your partners is missing, throw this barrel to get them back. Has a DK symbol on the front

Animal BarrelEdit

If you jump into one of these barrels, it will morph you into the animal. Like if there was a picture of Enguarde on the front, you would morph into Enguarde.

+ BarrelEdit

The + Barrel is used in the level Haunted Hall. It is used to add time before Kackle will attack you. Has a + sign on the front of it.

- BarrelEdit

The - Barrel is almost identical to the + Barrel, except that it removes time before Kackle attacks you. Has a - sign on the Front.

Bonus BarrelEdit

The Bonus Barrel sends you to a bonus game when you jump into it. These barrels are usually hidden somewhere in the level, so you will have to look. It has a B button on the front.

Check BarrelEdit

The Check Barrels are used in the level Target Terror. You must try to jump and hit these barrels to open the path ahead. Has a checkmark on the front.

X BarrelEdit

Like the Check Barrel, except blocks your path. Has an X on the front.

Halfway BarrelEdit

This barrel marks the halfway point of the level, and if you die, you can restart here. Has stars moving around the barrel.

TNT BarrelEdit

This barrel will blow up if you throw it at things. If you set it down, it will blow up by itself. Also, it can open up secret passages in walls. Has TNT written on the front of it. Wrinkly Kong, Cranky Kong's wife, runs a small school named Kong Kollege, where you can save your game and get helpful information.


Saving Your GameEdit

Saving your game is one of the most critical actions in the game. Saving usually costs 2 Banana Coins, but sometimes if it's your first time saving, you can save for free!


You can get a lot of information from Wrinkly Kong at each save point. The information she usually has is about how to perform a certain move, what a certain item does, how to perform moves with an animal, or how to defeat the upcoming boss of the area you are in. Funky's Flights II is the same thing as Funky Flights from Donkey Kong Country. The only difference is that you have to pay money most of the time. Funky's Flights II usually costs 2 Banana Bunch Coins, except for the first world, which is always provided free of charge. With Funky's Flights II, you can travel to any world that you have already been to without beating any bosses. This is very useful if you need some extra lives or something for a harder world.

Gangplank GalleonEdit

There are three quizzes, which check your general knowledge of the game. The reward is extra lives.

Swankey's treasure (free, reward 1 life):

  1. Swankey
  2. Rat
  3. Gangplank Galleon (French: Galion de la Galère)

Pirate puzzle (1 token, reward 2 lives)

  1. Y button to run
  2. Pirate Panic (French: Panique à bord)
  3. Kaptain K Rool

Challenge of chimps (2 tokens, reward 3 lives)

  1. 4 windows in Kaptain's Krool's cabin
  2. Mainbrace Mayhem (French: Meli-nelo dan les mats)
  3. A pistol

The first level of the game isn't too difficult, nor complex. It is a simple run from left to right.

Near the start of the level is a door to your left. This room contains a 1-up balloon and a letter saying that Donkey Kong was Kidnapped. The room also serves a secondary purpose for patient players that wish to farm bananas and banana tokens, which are regenerated when you exit the room.

As you continue right, you will encounter various features of the map, which only pose limited difficulty:

  • The letter K is in plain sight, where you see two groups of two barrels.
  • A banana token can be found above and to the right of the large A spelled in bananas. You need to throw your companion upward to reach it.
  • The letter O is in plain sight, when the deck lowers.
  • When you see a break in the deck, jump down to reach the find the token minigame. There is a banana token here as well, but the main token is found at the top right and is reached by just jumping along the barrels.
  • The letter N is also in plain sight on the main deck, but you'll have grabbed it through the minigame entrance.
  • You can find a rhino companion at the top of a stack of barrels. If you bring him to the end of the level, you can get a 1-up balloon.
  • When you see a left arrow, use the rhino to break down the door by charging it (hold down the A button. In this minigame, eliminate all enemies from left to right - the fastest way to do it is to charge and jump to clean them out on one sweep.
  • There is also a column of bananas to the right. Throw your companion upward to collect the DK Token.
  • G is also visible.

When you head right, you may see a right arrow pointing towards a net. The net contains bananas, but you require using a long jump to reach it (using Dixie Kong). Head across the net, and jump further to the right for a Bonus Barrel.

Jump up and to the right, and climb the first rope. You should see the letter K there. Head left, until you reach a rope ladder, where you see a banana token guarded by a climbing enemy. To hit this enemy, you need to jump off the side of the cargo net, and move to the left after the jump to land on top of him.

The letter O should be visible before you reach the halfway barrel.

Left of the halfway barrel is a series of eight rats, which are easily killed. If you did get injured, there is also a DK barrel to revive your companion.

Secret 1-up: jump here

Climb up the rope, and reach the top, where you see a horizontal rope. When you are at the mast, jump to be launched to a platform containing a 1-up balloon. Return and continue to the right, and look for the letter N on the far right of that level before continuing up.

When you see a cannonball, pick it up, and carry it to the left. Place it in the cannon to enter a minigame to defeat five rope climbers within a time limit for a Krool token. A Bonus Barrel to the find the token minigame is located above the starting position. In this minigame, you need to pickup each chest, and throw it at the bee to break it open. The token position is randomly determined.

Head to the right. The first chest you see contains bananas.

When you see a hook, you can use it to reach the letter K.

The second chest has a 1-up balloon.

The second set of hooks leads to a DK barrel.

There is a barrel that will launch you to a high platform. Jump across the hooks here to reach to reach the letter O.

The third chest has a banana token. You will find it just before the halfway barrel.

The letter N is above the stack of barrels.

When you reach the gap, you will have to use the hook to jump across. Alternatively, you can use Dixie Kong spin while jumping to reach a launcher located to the left of the gap, where you will collect some bananas and a banana token.

When you get the invulnerability barrel, run to the right. Skip the chest. When you see a tall stack of barrels, take advantage of the invulnerability and reach the top of the stack for a bonus barrel. This token minigame requires you to jump from hook to hook. Once you resolve the minigame, or if you need breakable items to take out the blue guards, you can use the chest to collect the letter G. When entering this stage, you can collect bananas if you follow the left/right wave.

After landing, proceed to the right. In the second pool of water, you will find the letter K. Directly below the K is a secret tunnel that contains two banana tokens. It is slightly longer than taking the direct approach, but still helps. Once the chamber is flooded, you may backtrack for some additional bananas and tokens.

You can find a swordfish, and the letter O if you follow the ground. Once you turn up and head to the left, you will have to leave the swordfish behind, but can get a 1-up balloon if you bring him to the sign. Break the halfway barrel.

The letter N is directly above the half-way barrel. Proceed left, and if you head down, you can find a replacement swordfish.

After the second upward trip, you can find the letter G at the top-left corner.

At the top of the level, exercise caution when heading to the right. When the corridor narrows just before entering a large room, have the swordfish perform a thrust as far as possible. This will bring you to the DK coin.

Just below the bonus barrel

With the snake, you can reach bananas above the start, as well as the letter K to the left. Jump up to the next platforms. then head right to jump up again. At the top of this mast, you can reach a bonus game to kill dragonflies, but you need to jump off the snake and throw your companion to reach this barrel.

The letter O also requires a snake jump.

Past the half-way barrel, you will start to climb ropes. On the second set of ropes, head to the right and climb down for the letter N.

The letter G is available at the end of the level, by timing your jump correctly.

Krow's Nest

This is a boss battle against the Krow.

The Krow will pick up an egg and drop it. Run under it as it bounces towards you, then pick it up and throw it back at the Krow. Repeat this once.

Next, the Krow will ram its next, causing the eggs to fall by themselves. One egg will stop, allowing you to grab it and throw it at the Krow as it flies around in circles.

Once the Krow is hit four times, it will fall down.

If you are able to jump on the Krow's nest itself, you will find two banana tokens.