Donkey Kong Country/Levels/Stop & Go Station

  • Enemies: Klaptrap, Rockkroc
  • Bonus Rooms: 0
  • Animal Helpers: None
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Extra Lives:
  • Level Warp: Yes
  • Hidden Cameras: 1
  • Music: Misty Menace

This level is a tough one, unless you know a few secrets. The basic rule to this level is speed. Run as fast as you dare through this level, hitting every single one of the red lights. The stone creatures are afraid of red lights and will curl up when it comes on, making your way passable. There is nothing you can do to destroy them, either. Diddy Kong is the best in this level as he is quick and agile.

Bonus Room


When you first enter the level through the beginning door, turn around and walk back through that door. Now you are over half way through with this level! Also you will have a teammate if you don't already.