Donkey Kong Country/Levels/Oil Drum Alley

  • Enemies: Manky, Kritter, Gnawty, Oil Drum
  • Bonus Rooms: 4
  • Animal Helpers: Rambi
  • Difficulty: 8/10
  • Extra Lives: 8
  • Photographs: 1
  • When you start out jump on to the platform that the Gnawty is on, kill it then jump to the rope. When the rope stops moving jump down and land on the indent on the ground. A TNT barrel will come out of the ground - pick it up and walk right until you see an Oil Drum, throw the TNT at it and it will it explode, then fall down through the gap and you will hit a Bonus Room, at the top of the bonus is an Extra Life.
  • The first half of this level is really easy and there is nothing to it. Continue walking right and soon you will get to 3 stairs with Gnawtys on them. Climb the stairs by jumping on the Gnawtys, then the monkeys will get to a big cliff with a tire and an indent. Jump off the cliff and land on the indent, a TNT barrel will come out - throw the TNT at the wall and it will reveal a Bonus Room. Inside the Bonus Room is an Extra Life, but secretly, there is another Bonus Room in this Bonus Room. Make all 3 barrels a banana and your reward will be a barrel, quickly pick it up and run right into the wall to reveal a Super Secret Bonus Room, inside this is a free 6 Extra Lives.
  • Once again keep on walking right and jump over or dash under the hopping Kritters. You will get to a Blast Barrel. Jump in and it will blast you up and land on an indent, the indent will reveal a tire, roll the tire through some hopping Kritter's, over 1 of the Oil Drums is the letter O.

Photograph location (GBA only) edit

Kill a Manky Kong by throwing a Steel Barrel at it.