Donkey Kong Country/Levels/Millstone Mayhem

This level is fairly hard for inexperienced players, but easy once you get the hang of it. As soon as you enter the level slap hands so that Diddy is leading. Bounce on the tire and land on top of the building. Once there jump straight up. You hit a barrel blast. You only have one chance* at getting what you want.

  • The right one is the letter K.
  • The middle one is a banana cluster.
  • The left one is your DK friend barrel.

Make your choice and you will be shot back into the level. Proceed from there.

  • Sometimes depending on what choice you make, you might get another chance, but that's rare.

Donkey will have to take the lead now. There are two Krushas up there. Diddy can't kill them, unless he uses the TNT barrels. Pick one up and throw it at the first Krusha. Do the same with the next one.