Donkey Kong Country/Levels/Bouncy Bonanza

  • Enemies: Kritter, Zinger
  • Bonus Rooms: 2
  • Animal Helpers: Winky
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Extra Lives:
  • Level Warp: Yes
  • Hidden Cameras:
  • Music: Cave Dweller Concert

This is a long level, full of enemies, so you have to be careful and try not to get hit. The goal is to make it to the exit.

When you reach a tire that can be rolled, push it to the right until it is directly below a checkpoint barrel.

After the checkpoint is a platform the moves up and down. Riding it only gives access to a few bananas, but if you can make a jump, you can collect the letter N to the right. If you can't, you can go below the platform and move right until you see a tire that you can jump upward on. Enter the alcove to get Winky, which will take care of the Zingers for you (and give a high jump you can use to reach the letter K). If the platform is missing, head left a bit to make it reappear.

The letter G should be in plain sight after the jumping gauntlet. After this, there is a loose tire that can be rolled to the far right to access a bonus screen, but this only provides a few bananas.